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Akmetova about Eurasian literary space

Akmetova about Eurasian literary space

The Мир Евразии (world of Eurasia) foundation from Kazakhstan recently organized a conference attended by the Kazakh writer Лайла Ахметова (Laila Akhmetova). An excerpt of the speech was published on and has the title ” Евразийское литературное пространство-миф или реальность?”(Eurasian literary space-myth or reality?). (link here)

For many Kazakh people the concept of Eurasia is mostly linked with the post-Soviet world. In this context Akhmetova rememorated a situation at the 3rd International Forum of Writers in Baku from 2019 where Azerbaidjani citizens were aquainted and quoted poems by Olzhas Suleimenov. Suleimenov is a Soviet-Kazaki poet and politician who wrote in the Russian language mainly în Soviet times. This shared Russo-Soviet culture and shared language are the core of central Eurasia.

At the meeting of the heads of state of CIS countries Putin quoted Lukashenko by saying that the Russian language is one of the main elements uniting the member countries. My opinion is that the Russian language will begin to reemerge and will be reinvigorated in the coming years. Akhmetova noted that ”in the Eurasian space, thanks to some international organizations, a variety of events are held. New stars are also appearing in the literary horizon, largely thanks to the Russian language”.

As director of the UNESCO center of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, president of the ”Almaty confederation of non-governmental organizations” and chairman of the ”Commission on Women Workers” she can have great power in promoting this Russian-language Eurasian literary project. I hope relevant actors in this area, starting with the writers and including public institutions, private companies and foundations will begin such a plan which is in perfect accord with CIS principles and objectives.

In can also it join the efforts of those promoting contemporary Asian literature like Tajik poet Gulnazar Keldy who, during the first forum of Asian writers held in Nur-Sultan in 2019, talked about an Asian literary magazine.

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