Publicat în 08.04.2020

Israel declares curfew

Israel declares curfew

Today, 8th April, the Israeli government declared a state of emergency in the context of wide virus spread across the country. Up to now more than 9000 people have been infected.

This period will last at least until 12th April, this means it will cover most of the Passover holiday. A possible extension of the curfew will depend on how the situation will develop. The government is nonetheless unwilling to extend the curfew, fearing economic troubles. Israel declared it will test 10000 people a day and for doing this a contract worth 25 million dollars has been signed with a Chinese company. That (still) unspecified company will deliver testing machines to six laboratories across the country.

Netanyahu specified that during a phone conversation with Vladimir Putin he received encouraging messages from the Russian leader. The Israeli curfew is similar to the Russian one and it will, most likely, be just as strictly enforced.

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