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Why the anti-China reaction will fail

Why the anti-China reaction will fail

The United States of America is presently focusing its diplomatic efforts in trying to undermine the growing Chinese influence by attracting states in some sort of an offensive group. This is what Trump tries with the G7 meeting and that is what he did with Australia.

They will fail and this is why.

  1. Most countries have nothing to gain by adopting a negative (or aggressive) posture regarding China. Only countries that have direct interests in confronting Beijing will adhere to Washington`s proposal.
  2. If the world will once again become bipolar then most countries will have to decide on the most prosperous route they can take. Unlike the Cold War however, we no longer have a competition of ideologies because China is not openly spreading communism and is constantly opening up and reforming its economy.
  3. China is an old country but in economic terms it is young and rapidly growing, even in the context of the pandemic. The USA on the other hand is a relatively young country with an advanced economy that however is stagnant and pulled down by the enormous debt and defense spending. China has booming industries and infrastructure, the US has a decrepit infrastructure.
  4. What has China to offer and what does the US offer? China has the impressive Belt and Road Initiative and is also heavily investing in Africa. Chinese investments in Europe are also important. Many countries all over Eurasia became members of the BRI. The US however has little investments and most of these investments are in the financial sphere.
  5. When it comes to reputation the US continues to have a rather bad one. Even considering recent developments we have seen the chaos generated by the fake “russiagate” and the often contradictory decisions regarding North Korea and the Middle East. China on the other hand had its own scandals and tensions primarily regarding the South China Sea region and the Uyghurs.
  6. The internal situation in the United States is worrisome with the authorities brutally repressing peaceful protesters or violent protesters rioting without intervention from authorities, a huge number of unemployed and a very large number of people without health-care. Regarding China the protests in Hong Kong have largely died out.

If countries are faced to take sides surely they will keep all these aspects in mind. And while the foreign policies of nations are not written on websites the information I provided here can help you get prepared if change will come.

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