China and the World – Vol. 01, Nr. 01 (martie 2018)


Vol.1, No.1 (February 2018)


News and Reports

Journal Papers

Omnipresent Economics: The Belt-and-Road-Initiative (BRI )Underpinning
Da Hsuan Feng and Haiming Liang

Chinese Dynasties and Modern China:Unification and Fragmentation
Belal Ehsan Baaquie and Qing-Hai Wang

Building a Bridge Between East Asia and Middle East on the Modernization of Regional Traditional Medicine – A Cross-Cultural Innovation in Response to the Belt and Road Initiative
Leung Ping Chung

China’s Global and Civilizational Re-Balancing and India’s Options
B. R. Deepak

We Should Push Countries Along “Belt and Road Initiativ”” to Build Green Supply Chain
Jingyan Fu

The One Belt One Road Narratives
Tai Wei Lim

Belt and Road Faces a Bumpy Ride
Toh Han Shih

Singapore and Hong Kong: Historical Images
Wang Gungwu

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