Film-Philosophy (februarie 2018)

Film-Philosophy is an open access peer-reviewed academic journal dedicated to the engagement between film studies and philosophy. The journal is interested in the ways in which films develop and contribute to philosophical discussion.

The Sensation of the Look: The Gazes in Laurence Anyways
Corey Kai Nelson Schultz

To See or Not to See: A Wittgensteinian Look at Abbas Kiarostami’s Close-up
Elizabeth Hope Finnegan

Deep Truth and the Mythic Veil: Werner Herzog’s New Mythology in Land of Silence and Darkness
André Fischer

The Art of Attention in Documentary Film and Werner Herzog
Antony Fredriksson

Small Talk and the Cinema: Conversation, Philosophy and the Case of Sullivan’s Travels
Cooper Long

Deleuze, Žižek, Spring Breakers and the Question of Ethics in Late Capitalism
Jenny Gunn

The Creaturely Life of Carol Reed’s Cities: Eric Santner and Walter Benjamin
John Charles Hill

Lee Carruthers (2016) Doing Time: Temporality, Hermeneutics and Contemporary Cinema
Kyler Chittick

Shaun May (2016) A Philosophy of Comedy on Stage and Screen: You Have to Be There
Cameron Moneo

Ilona Hongisto (2015) Soul of the Documentary: Framing, Expression, Ethics
Laurel Ahnert