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Akmetova about Eurasian literary space

Kazakh writer Лайла Ахметова (Laila Akhmetova). An excerpt of the speech was published on stanradar.com and has the title " Евразийское литературное пространство-миф или реальность?"(Eurasian literary space-myth or reality?).


Shoigu and Baqeri meeting on further military cooperation

In a new move for closer relations the head of the Iranian army, Major-General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri, arrived in Moscow on Sunday (October 17th) for an official visit of several days. A series of meetings with Russian military leaders took place. This trip is the first to take place after the start of the process of accepting Iran into the SCO.


Xi invited Merkel to China

Chinese president Xi Jinping and German Chancellar Angela Merkel held a video-conversation yesterday (13 October) in the context of Merkel’s stepping down from her position as leader. The talk went…

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