USA, a real danger to southeast Asia

Despite the focus on the ”war for Ukraine”, the real stake that from time to time can be seen in the Western official media is the looming fight against the dragon from the east, China. The scenario is not new because it has been repeated over the past few centuries. Today’s China is however totally different from Qing Dynasty China while, comparatively, Western powers plus Japan are in many ways stagnant countries. We will hear more and more about the South China Sea and Taiwan in the coming period. Even if the roles are reversed, China’s success is still not guaranteed.

The US intention to maintain hegemonic, therefore authoritarian, control over the planet can be achieved either by co-opting China or defeating it, either two means the destruction of the Chinese state. Since co-opting failed, the path to conflict is open. The two mechanisms built by The Washington system, AUKUS and QUAD, were designed to contain Beijing. It is the policy of “containment” developed by the US during the Cold War with the USSR.

At this moment the states that are beginning to outline a policy of hostility towards the People’s Republic are: Japan, Australia, the United Kingdom and of course the USA who coordinate their actions. Other states targeted and which for the moment oppose direct hostilities are South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam and to some extent India. India being a country with aspirations to power will require a separate article.

Vietnam is a case that intrigues because although it shares with China the same political system, communism, and at least at the party level they enjoy good bilateral relations, there is substantial dose of distrust in their relations and the potential for divergence was not completely neutralized. The U.S. is now trying to use this potential to promote its petty aims.

After monitoring the Vietnamese press for a year I have noticed a worrying fixation on the idea of cooperation with the U.S. that is undoubtedly being drawn by the Vietnamese authorities. For the Government of Hanoi I have the following recommendation that they could take into account in their decision-making, “Không tin tưởng các người Mỹ”. The best solution for the Vietnamese to increase their security is to partner with Russia. The conflict in Ukraine, however, presents some difficulties in this regard, as the authorities in Hanoi are showing signs of reorientation towards India.

Excluding the US from Asia must be a priority for China and its allies. This requires coordination with Iran, Pakistan, North Korea, Kazakhstan and the rest of the central and Southeast Asian countries. One of the actions could be to start a comprehensive political partnership, in addition to the existing economic partnership and cooperation at the level of the intelligence services.

The Eurasian project can bring the strength needed to stimulate younger generations towards a goal of prosperity and well-being to which they can actively contribute. The time of nation states and national identities will finally set and China and its allies can play a decisive role in the future globalized era by eliminating the dictatorial authority of a single pole of power.

The divisions in the South China Sea are a weapon in Washington’s hands and poison on the table of the countries directly involved. There is a need for a security system based on communication and collaboration to be born in the region. Any non-Eurasian intervention will lead to chaos, social degradation and economic decline, just like in Europe.